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Tounge piercing – Daring to pierce where others wont!

April 13, 2008

I guess by reading this blog you have already made the decision or you soon to make the decision to get your tounge pierced?
That’s great news but there are some things that you have to give careful consideration before you go ahead with the tounge piercing.

Like it or not, any form of piercing be it on the tongue, ear or lip is likely to stir some lively debate from within your social circle.
This is fine if you are of an age where independence and body piercing are an acceptable act but if you are still dependant on your parents or guardian then body piercing can create a negative backlash from those that care for you.
Secondly, piercing is often frowned upon by employees or within educational venues. Often this simply isn’t justified but that is just the way things are and you have to accept that your tongue piercing may in-directly offend people around you.

Its very hard sometimes to make the right decision without upsetting other people. Like it or not there are some individuals who will consider your piercing to be blatantly disrespectful and although your motives may be innocent enough, these people may change their opinion of you.
I know what your thinking but that is the way the world goes round and small mindedness is part of the whole equation.

At the end of the day, getting your tounge pierced is simply down to you and should be a decision that you as an individual are comfortable with making.

Anyway that’s enough of the social difficulties surrounding piercing in future blogs we will be taking a look at the health issues surrounding this subject of tounge piercing.

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